Green’s Mountain has been a popular off‐road. vehicle destination.. You will hike Green’s Mountain for a “heart-stopping” view from the site of an old fire tower. You will hike to the top and around 3 sides of the mountain to experience many different types of terrain and a wide variety of ecosystems. You will see many varied rock formations and forests that have never been logged. Be prepared for rough, rocky terrain with long, steep inclines. Suitable for adults and teens.  Dog friendly.

HIKE #: 73

DATE: Friday, September 20

START TIME: 9:00 am

DURATION: 3 hours, 3km

LOCATION:km 3.5 on Green’s Mountain Trail

RATING: Challenging


AMENITIES: Parking, food, and shelter

LEADER: Mike Peters

LEADER BIO: Mike is an electrical contractor based in Hamilton. He and his wife have been married 47 years, have 3 children and 11 grandchildren, all of whom enjoy the outdoors. Green’s Mountain has been Mike’s second home for 30 years. Mike is an avid hunter, angler, ATVer, snowmobiler, hiker and bird enthusiast.

DIRECTIONS: From Haliburton take Hwy 118 east. Follow for approximately 5km and turn right onto Glamorgan Rd (County Rd  3). Follow to the “T” intersection (approximately 17km) and turn left onto County Rd  503 and follow to Gooderham (approximately 2km). Turn right onto Buckhorn Rd (County Rd  507) and proceed approximately 4 km to Green’s Mountain Trail. Turn right onto Green’s Mountain Trail and follow Green’s Mountain Trail approximately 3km to the “Up and Around Hiking” Trail sign. Green’s Mountain is approximately 23 km from Haliburton. From Minden take Hwy 35 south approximately 3.5 km, turn left onto County Rd  121 and follow to Kinmount, approximately 19.5 km from Minden. Turn left onto County Rd  503 and proceed to Gooderham, approximately 47 km from Minden. Turn right onto the Buckhorn Rd (County Rd  507) and proceed as described above. GPS coordinates: N 44.8553, W 78.4200

  • Up and Around Green’s Mountain
    Friday, September 20, 2019
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Venue:   Green's Mountain

Cty. Rd. 507, Green's Mountain Trail, Gooderham, Ontario, Canada